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Why a support group?


Ostomy surgery can cause a myriad of emotions: feelings of fear, hopelessness, shame, depression and isolation.  Facing the unknown is daunting, but knowing there are people to talk to, people who have gone through what you are experiencing, can make these changes less frightening.  Our ostomy support group offers that kind of support and comraderie.  We share our experiences, both good and bad, and the ways in which we have dealt with them. 


There is usually at least one ostomy nurse present at all of our monthly meetings.  These dedicated nurses offer insight, assistance with supplies and are constant sources of encouragement to all of the group. 


Our support group is open to ostomates as well as their families and friends.  If the ostomate is unable to attend, a support person is always welcome to attend in their absence.


How do I join?


Come to one of our monthly meetings and see what we are all about.  There is no requirement to become a member of the group to attend our monthly meeting.  However, if you do decide to join our group, contact Nancy Upton at for a membership form.  We encourage tax deductible donations of $25 to help with group expenses.



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